Dec 5, 2007

VACANCY, 8/12/07 - 23/12/07

Exhibition: 8th - 23rd December
Open: Thurs - Sunday, 1-5pm
PV: Friday 7th December, 7-9pm

Recent work by Jayne Eagle, Micheál O'Connell, and Daniel Pryde-Jarman

'O dark, dark, dark. They all go into the dark,
The vacant interstellar spaces, the vacant into the vacant.'
Four Quartets (1940), T.S. Eliot

Jayne Eagle

‘Through the desire to fill emotional vacuums we often seek to ask unanswerable questions. Such failure of control fuels our need to cling to what we know, desperately we refuse to acknowledge its passing.’

Micheál O’Connell

‘You hanker after equilibrium. Each word here even is about the hope of turbulence captured. Definition itself is part of the foolishness. Framing is another. From a distance chaos is steady-state, folk appear balanced and trauma means less. So these might be lies: instability comes out of peace, quiet precedes a storm, upturn follows downturn.’

Daniel Pryde-Jarman

‘Two speakers are compressed against the gallery ceiling by an acroprop. They speak into each other with statements of denial taken from infamous public addresses by politicians, celebrities, leaders, and representatives. The two voices give identical speeches in a different order to form a mutual announcement of unaccountability. In Non-Denial I use an acroprop to compress myself against the gallery walls with the intention of reading a speech at the same time. No speech occurs.’

‘His head lay on his chest—it was as if it had inexplicably rolled around and just stopped there—his body was arched back, his legs, in an impulse of self-preservation, pressed themselves together at the knees, but scraped the ground, as if they were not really on the floor but were looking for the real ground…then a toast was proposed to the public, which was supposedly whispered to the impresario by the hunger artist, the orchestra confirmed everything with a great fanfare, people dispersed, and no one had the right to be dissatisfied with the event, no one except the hunger artist.’
A Hunger Artist (1924), Franz Kafka