Aug 28, 2006

Last Words

The grey area is inviting 16 artists to take part in an exhibition entitled ‘Last Words’. Each artist is to visit the gallery individually, 1 a day for 16 days, and write on a wall what they would like, imagine, or accept their last words to be. One wall of the gallery will be painted with blackboard paint and artists will use a single piece of chalk to write their words. All preceding words will be erased before each artist applies their own, meaning that nobody will be privy to what came before. A Polaroid photo will be taken of every participant as they face the wall before writing/marking, and photographic evidence of the words will be projected back onto the same wall during the show. The remainder of the 16 chalks will be used to 'white out' the blackboard for the projection, and transcripts of the words will be read out by basic text-speach software in an installation to the rear of the gallery.

Words to be written13th – 28th September 2006
Private View – Fri 29th September, 7-9pm
Exhibition – 29/9/06 - 2/10/06


mocksim said...

"Stalin's first qualification was a contemptuous attitude towards ideas. The idea had ... "

mocksim said...

"May all your sons become bishops"