Jan 3, 2008

vacuum 3 launch, 10/1/08, 7-9pm


issue three

The latest issue of vacuum will be launched at grey area on Thursday 10th January, 7-9pm

To mark the occassion there will be a spoken word performances by...

Liam Doogan

Mark C. Hewitt

Mike Russell

Jonathan Gilhooly

Vacuum has gone through some significant changes since its initial conception at the beginning of 2007. The publication formed as a collaborative venture between Grey Area, Permanent Gallery, and formerly thirtyfive-a, to provide a platform for critical writing, artworks, fiction, and details of exhibitions and events. Although the line-up of contributors has changed, Vacuum’s primary goals have remained the same. It is still validated by the necessity for an independent art paper that acts as an outlet for the city’s creative productivity outside of community arts events and Open Houses. It remains a free thrice-yearly publication that develops in form and content to reflect the nature of the shifting editorial role that is shared by the two galleries and Greg Daville (City Running).

The ‘theme’ of this third edition has been informed by the abundance of International art festivals that spread throughout 2007. The big guns like the Venice Biennale and Documenta in Kassel were joined by many less established and embryonic Biennials in major European cities such as Lyon, Prague, Istanbul, and Athens. In this feverish climate of mass bi-annual art consumption, Vacuum turned on a collection of artists and writers and sucked up their regurgitated experiences for the paper. This publication features a range of international exhibition reviews as well as Impressions of Kassel and Venice by art tourists Gemma Gore and Woodrow Kernohan. Separate to this theme are contributions by Liam Doogan, Asli Çavuşoğlu, and an essay on ‘Synathesia and the Neurotypical’ by the artist Barbara Ryan.

Vacuum would like to thank all of its contributors, as well as Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt of Semiconductor for kindly funding the printing of this edition.

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