Jan 23, 2010

Transmission, Predictive Text

Rory Macbeth, Predictive Text, 2007-10

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Email: thegreyarea@hotmail.co.uk

Predictive texts for the week 17/01/10 to 23/01/10


Arid map21-ass20.

Merchant is hog forwarded, at last. He won’t rut and emerges to us delayed button simultaneously acknowledged thinking fox. So no nose excursion! Begging letter meeting is also a thick Negus of theatre rash – Rome demands nose of you. Delivery.


Taut ass21-max21.

God is the jew to rub-a-dub, taut. You nay hate to ideals, the next rug and shin hair but unless you

knock your status instead mutual you’re going to London on Oswalds ticket bowling treble. Hover.


Genes maybe22-lunchtime21.

Your rules nest hotmail forwarded from toe. Hooray! So mow that yourself feeling mop includes to get nut councelling ban, whatever are you going to do? A new song, new lovliness, new Noah sin? Chairs.


Cancel lunchtime22-luk22.

Really leg frustrations are being lifted and wig it may on be all system good, you cancel refreshing thinking ape if early. Cod cheaper than Devon – goo advice at cow tin. Lust foothold levels euphoric casio you cynic.


Ken luk23-bug23.

Ice a bit of a bouncer? Maximum would mount feedback as brilliant as you usually don’t. It seems you’re begging ruse when you’re nothing in the money forge guff, Ken, but crap with mop me up you have unauthorized id on wifi h8. Do yourself? Do yourself sects?


Visit bug 24-pest22.

Pond people chat their minutes, pond leopards cancel the spoons and pond would seem sometime xmas miss. A chap of mine bottled problem bling bias of hearing. Don’t be shy of paws so.


Liar pest23-obviously23.

I am noting confusing yourself officially to knock as muck as you’re poking can try to dine out but he gawps making you hassle. Of courage, it maybe noticed males smell hassle. Go eccentric, they may cake you nosey. Imagine.


Score obviously24-not22.

2nd booze thing…balm doze, deadline, it’s online confidence that you got somewhere signed when dud flakiness was paying others. On offer to cloud your own trouble. Them changes, whom elbows you? Bloody awake.


Raged not23-fec21.

As you diffuse a kitch clock to someone’s whole xmas max hat before a need wit, it redo your ingredients to gathering to worries happy than preview notice has happened. In mud old ground councelling these h8 up formula goo.


Cardigan fec22-jam20.

Without mess in a adventurous monk amended your rules rather grumpy, it seems you have lust swap modicum pet of proper formula concern – notice the carpet. Fetch if easy to knock courteously, chicken shame will have to wait. Be nit-shandy.


Brutal jam21- fec18.

I am oft tosser and heartfelt bono you pig to ridiculous golf and embassy mop. You have genuine hotmail.com yourself, brutal – just Hooray your treble Hurrah is up to you. Cute, front toe, romance is refreshing the peak shape.


Phrase fec20-nappy20.

Interrupt my knackered gob is documentation – it’s google to break shame and travel video into worries. Latex time, sir, you have ceded Jordan for worries but swam with rick. Not now. Nut without guff.