Mar 25, 2010

Bob & Roberta Smith in Conversation

Bob and Roberta Smith in Conversation

19th Mar 2010 6:00pm

Bob and Roberta Smith (aka Patrick Brill) has collaborated twice with Brighton-based curator Daniel Pryde Jarman. He exhibited a 'Floating Studio' at the Grey Area Gallery in 2007, and recently performed at Fabrica Gallery together with Martin Creed in December 2009. Smith/Brill studied at the University of Reading and Goldsmiths, and is perhaps best known for his painted slogans and text pieces. His practice, however, is extremely varied and includes performing music with the group 'The Ken Ardley Playboys' and hosting a radio show on Resonance FM called Make Your Own Damn Music. His work will be familiar to many in the faculty who will have seen examples of it, most recently in 'Altermodern' at Tate Britain in 2009.

He will engage in conversation with Daniel Pryde Jarman about his work, practice and politics.
The conversation will be chaired by Peter Seddon and last approximately one hour followed by a pay bar finishing at 8.30pm.

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