Jun 13, 2011

Drinky Arty Clubby (11.06.11 - 13.06.11)

Some key words, ideas and physical elements: Bruce, Durationalism, behavioural patterns, Bergson, time use, Archive the Monster, how does a Durationalist read?, the marking of time as a philosophy of time, coffee with brandy, GAZPACHO, Skips, Wittgenstein vs. Popper, The New St. George Scaffolding League, the passing of time following Durationalist methods, external agents´ interference, The Trap and Adam Curtis, Mike´s Lunar Mission, Light Is Waiting, Ben Robinson, Badlands, Malobi, The Mirror, artificial genitalia, chess, canine love, the Cambridge left wing scene, Ballard, The Velvet Underground, Leadbelly...          

Central stage

... And some final key words, ideas and physical elements: Free writing with the Velvet Underground, THIS IS MY FACE!, how do you know that´s your face?, black coffee, Wittgenstein´s private language and form of life, free will, on trusting your own conscience, pencils, feeding competitions, i.e. Oxfam vs. Domino, Bill Hicks: "If you ever work in marketing or advertising just consider yourself dead", "I am a private man"...

Improvising a Bruce Forsyth plastic tribute

Huw's first notes of the Durationalist Manifesto

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