Feb 16, 2012

Occupant #5 Ed Liddle (February 2012)

(o) occupant #5 Ed Liddle 1
3th - 19th February 2012

'Through the paintings that I make I have a desire to transform mundane imagery such as stairs, legs and arms, into motifs. I am interested in what happens when these images are combined, fragmented, and placed next to brute elements of paint and colour, in order to create a discord for the viewer. When the paintings themselves are combined, I am interested in how these are then viewed by people, and subsequently how we might think paintings in galleries function today.'

The residencies will take place across several weeks in January-March 2012, providing selected artists/groups with the opportunity to occupy the gallery from Monday-Sunday of that same week. Grey Area will provide each occupant with the staples of space, tools, a timescale, and a set of keys.

The parameters for what might constitute an outcome for the occupant residencies are flexible and permeable. As much a process of the studio as of the gallery. Participants are invited to consider how their project may or may not be constituted as an object, subject, event, or non-event.

As each residency will have different times and degrees of public engagement, additional information on residency events will follow with little warning as the week of an occupant takes shape. Grey Area was originally founded as a dual studio/gallery, and so occupant marks a return of sorts – to concurrent processes of making and display. To occupy is to seize - a week, a residency, an exhibition. Or all 3.



All photography (c) Daniel Yanez-Gonzalez 2012

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