May 1, 2012

TURTLE SALON (April 2012)


A collaboration with Michael Shamberg
Exhibition: 14/04/12 – 29/04/12
Turtle Salon at Grey Area featured works by Romeo Alaeff, Francis Baudevin, David Blandy, Anna Blessmann & Peter Saville, David Blandy, Robert Breer, Nick Cash, Vincent Champier, Susan Chorpenning, Jem Cohen, Ana Corbero, Natalie Curtis, Daniel Devlin, Annabelle D’Huart, Arpad Dobriban, Anna Faroqhi, Joshua Frankel, Liam Gillick, Rob Gretton, Cressida Haughton, Elma Hermann, Tae Hwang, Derek Jarman, Marie-France Jean, Martina Klien, Leonard Kogan, Barbara Kruger, Arnaud LeFebvre, Chris Marker, Paul Morley, Jane Nisselson, Ruth Novacek, Melody Owen, Anita Pain, Paige Perkins, Amos Poe, Gabrielle Porta, Yvonne Rainer, Ned Richardson, Kay Rosen, Michael Shamberg, Ali Smith, Donald Smith, Malin Ståhl, Sofia Stevi, Eiji Suzue, Susanna Thornton, Maki Umehara, Kristen Weiner, Lawrence Weiner, Ila Wingen, Sue Wrbican, Alice Zimmerman.

Between March and April 2012 Turtle Salon was hosted by Meter Room Coventry and Grey Area Brighton. A salon in two-parts, the project draws from Shamberg's sprawling network of artists, friends, projects, & places.

'In Lebanon, at the border with Israel, there is a turtle sanctuary that is the result of being a protected area during the civil war. The almost extinct Mediterranean sea turtle was allowed to flourish.This is something good that came out of the war. I have gone through my own corporeal civil war and TURTLE is my sanctuary and celebration.' Michael Shamberg