Dec 21, 2008

GROTT-BOX, 22/12/08, 7.30-9.30pm

A performance-based subterranean annual display custom

Orion Maxted & guests
Monday 22nd December 2008, 7.30-9.30pm

The Grott-Box installation fills the grey area with an artificial ‘blizzard’ amongst its artworks, visitors, and three interlocking rooms.

A wind-swept box marked out with poles, polystyrene, drummer-boys, pulled-out posters, song, and flood lit acts. The accompanying rhyme, by which some have in past times hoped to solicit recompense for their artistic endeavours, varies from place to place:

Please remember the grotto
Me father has run off to sea
Me mother's gone to fetch ‘im back
So please give a farthin' to me!

Chelsea Child (1979), Gamble R

Grott-Box is the first in a series of responses to a curatorial project entitled The Sandwich Box due to take place at Grey Area. The Sandwich Box consists of a travelling metal suitcase that circulates around the world as a means of producing artwork in intervals of 6months. The Box is a platform for ‘artwork in global stage management’ and the lysthus (a form of tent/gazebo) stored within the box is integral to participant’s responses. The project is administered by its originator, Lars Vilhelmsen in co-operation with its Uk co-ordinator Karen D´Amico. The project in its entirety is published on

The experience of the project is considered to be an artistic process in and of itself, therefore it is the experience and hence, the documentation that becomes the artwork, rather than a singular artwork becoming manifest at the end of the project. The dynamic of this interaction is informed by a set of aphorisms that function as a source of inspiration its participants. These can be read here:

‘The spaces are applied, there is a life in and around them. The gazeboes have been used for social meetings of different kind of atmosphere, e.g. imaginative meetings with other cultures, tea drinking and societies, and as hermitages, where silent contemplation and reflection compared to life and death, compared to God or yourself, was the aim. The most fundamental is that the gazeboes have functioned as intimate spaces that invited to silent contemplation over the life of the individual. They had the function as exterior space for the individual surrendering oneself to its own life.’ Lars Vilhelmsen

Orion Maxted:

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