Dec 23, 2008


Monday, 22 December 2008, 19h30 - 21h30, Grey Area
Impromptu Performance directed by Dionysus P-Monroe (Orion Maxted)

Guests include:
Yoko Ishiguro
Billy Barrington
Nadege Derderian
Harry Neve

The evening's performances included the construction of The Sandwich Box in bad weather - with audience members being invited to erect the Lysthus tent in the gallery in an artificial blizzard - without instructions or guidance.
This performance became an act of attrition as the tent slowly took form under duress to offer the audience shelter from the snow.
The protective role of the tent was later altered within the gallery space when the gale found its way into the Lysthus to be momentarily contained and isolated, causing its sides to billow and its supports to strain.
A video link for The Sandwich Box performance will be added soon.

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