Jan 4, 2009

our infinite day-trip

Our Infinite Day-trip
Darren Edwards

Exhibition: 24th January – 8th February 2009
Private View: Friday 23rd January, 7-9pm
Open: Thurs - Sun, 1-5pm
Artist Talk: Saturday 31st January 2009, 7.30pm

Framing a borderland between the urban and the romanticised wild.
Our Infinite Day-trip opens up an investigation into ways of evoking landscape that is at times an incongruous formulation of what might be sought in a 'wild' and 'untouched landscape' - a fictionalised modern day ideal.

In its first manifestation Our Infinite Day-trip was exhibited on a remote island off the west coast of Canada. The small local, somewhat part-time population undertook something of a dangerous expedition, running the risk of encountering cougar or bear, to view two of the project's artworks which were temporarily installed on the island's coastline.

The first of these works 'Vehicle of Infinite Arrival (VIA)' is a 12 ft portable sculpture built of extreme condition tent technology. It is collapsible in the manner of a small expedition tent and can be unpacked and pitched in any location. Inspired in form by an open canoe it unifies aspects of the nomadic, movement and dwelling.

The second work in this leg of the project is a neon text which is a loose translation of the works Latin title 'HIC MANEBIMVS OPTIME' - words attributed to Aeneas upon finding Italy (Homer's Iliad, Virgil's Aeneid). The work, suspended amid the island's forested shoreline is an incongruous formulation of what might be sought in such a location.


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